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Rules of the Mus - English

A Spanish version is to be found here
Una versión española puedes encontrar aquí

The Mus - in general:

The “Mus” is a game that has bask origins. It’s played with a Spanish card game of 40 cards. But before playing, take out the cards with 8 and 9, because they are not needed.

Amount of players:
Normally 4 players play the Mus, building 2 teams of 2 players. It’s also possible to play the game with 6 or 8 or more players, but it’s always necessary to build teams with 2 players each. If there are too few cards, add a second hand of cards.

Order and value of cards:
3 or King, 11 or Horse, 10 or jack, 7, 6, 5, 4, 2 or Ace

The 3 has the same value as the King, the 2 the same as the Ace, so you actually play with eight Kings and eight Aces.
The King, 3, Horse and Jack have the value of 10 points.
The 2's and the Aces are worth 1 point.
The other cards have the value indicated on the cards.

Selection of teams:
You can feel free and chose the team partner you like. If not, the partners can be chosen by the following: everybody takes a card and the two who got the higher cards play together, the ones with the cards of a lesser value as well.
The one who got the card with the highest value is lead and may chose his preferred seating position opposite to his partner. At his right the opponent with the highest card has to sit down.

Card distribution:
The player situated at the left of the lead is supposed to mix and repart the cards. Before reparting them he has to offer the deck to the player to his left that he may cut the deck. He always has to cut at least three cards or has to leave three cards on the table. But he also can pass the cut by knocking on the cards. Then the dealer reparts four cards to each of the players, but reparting them one after one, beginning at the player to his right (the lead). The direction of reparting the cards and later the playing is counter-clockwise.

The games:

Every player may participate with his four cards the following games within the game:

The game is to have the higstest cards, regarding the order of them.



King-King-Jack-7 or King-3-King-4 (remember: the 3’s have the same value as the Kings). Here the second couple of cards would win, because three Kings (i.e. two Kings and a 3) have a higher value than the two of the first couple of cards. The cards will be compared one by one from the highest to the lowest card.

It’s the opposite to the “Grande”. So you have to have the lowest possible cards.



Horse-7-4-Ace or Jack-4Ace-2 (again remember: the 2’s are Aces). The second case wins (two Aces compared to one Ace). The cards will be compared one by one from the lowest to the highest card.

Goal is to have two or more cards of the same kind.

If you only have to cards of the same kind.



King-King-Jack-6 or King-Jack-Jack-5. Here wins the first case, because the pair of the Kings are higher in the order of cards.

If you have three cards of the same kind.



Jack-Jack-Jack-2 or Horse-6-6-6. The first set of cards wins, because the Jacks have a higher value in the order of cards than the 6’s.

Consists in havin two pairs.



Horse-Horse-7-7 or King-King-Ace-2. The second case wins, as the pair of Kings is of higher value as the Horse (order of cards). If the first pair is equal, so a draw, it depends of the second pair. E.g. King-King-Horse-Horse wins over King-King-Jack-Jack. Double beats Media, Media wins over Pair.

Game – yes:
This game consists of the altogether value of all of the four cards, as long as it is over 31. The best amount of points is 31, then 32, from there it jumps to 40, then descending from 37 to 36 to 35 to 34 and finally to 33.



King-King-Jack-5 (value: 10+10+10+5=35 points) or 3-King-Horse-2 (value: 10+10+10+1=31 points). Winner is the one with the best amount of points (here the second case).

Game – no:
If nobody has the amount of points indicated as above, so that everybody stays underneath the 31 border. In this game the best amount of points is 30, descending to 4.

Actually in none of the games of the Mus can’t be a draw. Whenever the cards are totally equal, the lead, or the player who is the closest of the lead, wins.

Run of the game:



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