El Diario de Tomasito
Visitors to Madrid 2002

If you are abroad it's very nice when friends are visiting you. So I also had the pleasure to host some of my friends. As far as we didn't make any trips (like the ones to Toldeo, Cuenca, Valencia etc.) or if some of the photos taken in Madrid did fit into other categories, here can now be found all the pics that didn't find their way into any other picture section.

Nina and Nina from Yugoslavia having a splendid dinner.

My dessert: a fantastic, but too small ice-cream.

Making Pasta in my kitchen: Nina, Natasha and Nina.

Going out.
A really cool (ladies') bathroom in a modern 70ies bar.

Nina at 6 o'clock in the morning after having danced barefoot in a drum and bass club.

Regine and Tomasito in the beautifully decorated tile bar "Los Gabrieles" in the zone of Huertas.

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