El Diario de Tomasito
Valencia 2002

My 4th time in Valencia during my now 8 month lasting stay in Spain. All in all it's trip number 7 or so. It is the continuation of the trip in the rented car with Jan and Marcus; before we made a stop in Cuenca.

Viva Valencia!

Amunt Valencia!

Water games

A fountain near the centre of Valencia on a quiet plaza.

Automatic photo

A fountain near the centre of Valencia on a quiet plaza - now with us:
Jan, Tomasito, Cristina and Marcus.

To the "Genesis" of the photo:
It was made from the roof of a car by a camera with "delayed-action shutter release" .
While we were posing - as you can see there is a street in front of us -
a car was coming from the right and was about to pass between us and the camera
(it was not the blue car that can be seen on the right of the photo).
Now it was up to us - while at the same time smiling and looking to camera - to prevent the crossing of the car
by secret hand movements (see Marcus' right arm whose position doesn't look that natural),
or shouting without using the lips and opening the mouth too much,
and part-time and half-way looking to the car (why does Cristina's head not look straight in the camera).
And as can be seen: we succeeded!


La Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias.
The Arts and Sciences City.

To the left, to the right, damdamdam

Can you see the statue? It's pointing with its arm to the left.
Can you see me? I'm pointing with my arm to the left.
And can you see the tree? It's also pointing with its "arm" to the left. ;-)))

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