Summer in Valencia 2000


Stupid Italians...

Que delicioso
Tomate and Helado...???
Tomato ice-cream...???

The one with the one eye
Space meeeeee!!!

Polish folk music in the ear
Fact 1: Spain is really cold - not true.
Fact 2: Grasas is singing in the bus - true.

Burning down the house
I got a lighter...! Hee hee!

My heart will go on
Titanic imitation no. 23689.
At least Emila looks better than Kate Winslet.

Washington DC - the White House.
(or so)


Apparently the photographer was rather impressed by the blue sky.

Hablas Espaņol?
Having Spanish lessions.

Shake Your Bonbon! (Ricky Martin)
"Dancing on the street..."
(isn't that some kind of song?)
Another song: Shake Your Bon-Bon (Ricky Martin)

Sorry, only me:

Where is Bridget?
More titles:
Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water
The Rolling Stones - Bridges To Babylon (actually only a tour, not a song)

Peter Maffay - Über sieben Brücken mußt Du gehen (for the Germans!)
Bridget Jones' Diary (the film)

Miss Marple - Let's Play Bridge
Meredith Brooks - I'm a bridge, I'm a lover, I'm child, I'm a mother...
Hohoho! ;-)

So, that's all. Hope you enjoyed the pics.
Please remember: don't complain!

Take care and see you soon somewhere in Europe! Maybe in Madrid!

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