Moon over Valencia
Summer University 2000 in Valencia
"Au p'alla"

Little hint: sometimes you can see more (nasty) comments
when you point the mouse arrow on the pictures! ;-)

Beachy pics:

En la platja
Hot bodies burning under the hot sun of Valencia.

12 people and only 2 showers.

Breath your stomachs in! Phooootoooo!

The Elite Model Contest
Yeah, that's good, now turn a bit! Yes, fantastic, now sleep with me! Yeah, give it to me, baby!

The All Star Games:

Heeeeey, Mozzarella --- ay...
"La Macarena" in front of the cathedral of Valencia. Blasphemy!!!!!!

Why is Oreste running after a red t-shirt?

Chupa Chups
I'd rather like to have a cup of ice-cream... ;-)


The home team tries, but they are SIX people, así that's so easy!

Lili and Tomasito are only two!
(by the way: Lili is on the left, Tomasito on the right)

Music for the masses
Breaking the ice of the night in the hot Valencian summer with "White Christmas".
(by the way: this comment concludes three witty paradoxa)

Disclosing Pictures:

Steamy glasses
Oreste got really brown in Spain, didn't he?

The male Demi Moore
Fiesta with "Private Dance" by Edo - the male Demi Moore - in the first room on the right.

The Godfather - here with his girls -
smokes an "imported" (you know what I mean) cigar from Cuba.

Hot wheels anywhere
This picture was taken by a paparazi out of a car next to this one
with a speed of 210 km/h on the motorway.

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