El Diario de Tomasito
Valencia & Barcelona 2004

Summer holidays 2004. On the schedule: Valencia - playa y fiesta; Barcelona: city and culture. Also this summer has been a gathering point for people from and around Köln.

Greetings from the beach.

Daniel and Tomasito enjoying the sun. And the nice view(s).

For example: Isabel from Bonn who made a language course in Valencia.
The funny thing was, that we all knew us from before and we all met in Valencia.

Also Christian who fortunately [well, for him ;-)] is now 'on ERASMUS' in Valencia.
By the way, ever heard of the expression "to be on ERASMUS"? ;-) Sniffffff, aaaah.

The evening sun on the beach.

If you look close you can spot Christian in the water.
It must have been his 47th minute and 126th km in the sea.

Daniel. But he didn't swim that much.

The dream of long legs.

The Botanic Garden in Valencia.

Dangerous carnivorous plants...

Bringing the glasses for Isabel's birthday.

The b-day crowd.

Isabel and Christian. Already a little blurred...

Enjoying the Valencian night.

El barrio del Carmen at 3 o'clock after midnight. Or later?

Saturday night preparations.

Un café sólo muuuuy cargado.
-> Kind of of a tripple espresso.

Hehe, what are you looking at...?!

A moving image. Point the mouse arrow onto the pic!

At the Plaza del Ayuntamiento - the town hall square.

The Cathedral of Valencia.

The Neptune Fountain in front of the Cathedral.

Though botellónes* are forbidden we nevertheless made one (or two...).
Volker, Mo and Tomasito.
* botellón = "the big bottle" = meet your friends at a public place, buy a bottle of rum (or more?),
a bottle of Coke [yes, just one, it's sufficient ;-)], plastics glasses, ice cubes - and have fun!

The after-effects of a botellón.

A little weekend trip to Villa Real, 70 km North of Valencia to visit an old friend of mine, Inma.

Part two of the holidays - Barcelona


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