El Diario de Tomasito
Valencia & Barcelona 2004

Part two of the holidays - the city of Gaudí - Barcelona.

The beautiful "Casa Batllo", constructed by the famous architect Antonio Gaudí.

Here a try to make an automatic photo inside -
but unfortunately this girl with her audio guide is too concentrated to notice the photo shooting.

Second try - it worked.

The beautiful roof of the house.

An interesting lamp constuction on the ceiling.

Another house of Gaudí - la Casa Pedrera.

A very nice view from the house to the Mount Tibidabo.*
*People from Barcelona: please correct me if I'm wrong!

Again an interesting roof construction.

The patio of the house with me on the stairs.
Sometimes it's very difficult to get into the middle of a picture
with the "delayed-action-shutter-release-time-frame" of 10 seconds.

A veeery nice and cool patio in front of a baroque café.

One night we ate in this restaurant. Veeeeery delicious!

This is María - eating those fantastic and original dishes.
One dish: an apple with minced meat filling and a lemon and parsley sauce.
Hmmmmm! :-))

And this is me - in prosper expectation.

Later the evening: Coke and camomile tea.

Yep, in Barcelona there's also beach! :-))

Pensioners at the Barcelona beach: fishing and playing cards.
That's how I also want to end my life.

Funny English translation.

The triumphal arch of Barcelona.

A very nice park.

The final night - going out with Merimetal and Mercé.

And finally, a little hint for travellers.


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