El Diario de Tomasito
Toledo 2002

Important junction of Roman streets, capital of the empire of the West Goths, Arabian Emirat or Castillic residential city - that is Toledo. The city in the south-west of Madrid has over 60.000 inhabitants and is known for his swords.
We (Francois, Jan, Marcus and I) went there on a sunny April day.


A beautiful valley near the "Museo del Greco".

Greek Patio

Speaking of the Museo del Greco - on the photo you can see the patio of the museum.


The Cathedral of Toledo - on the right Francois and Jan.

My home is my castle

Jan's little residence in Toledo.
"Wanna come in for a coffee?"


The German delegation of the trip: Tomasito, Jan and Marcus having lunch.
Photo from and by Francois.


The French delegation: Francois (one of my flatmates).
Photo from Francois and by me.


Optical illusion.
In reality I'm a lot taller than Jan.

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