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SU 2003 - The Kölsch Game

The Kölsch Game plan.

Arrival at the airport. What do you see?
Of course German tourists going to Mallorca.

Some even didn't book a hotel. They'll sleep on the beach.

The party already started on the airport.
Here we can see an animator of Club Med.

Well prepared for the holidays.

Somehow it looks like as if they were all from the Netherlands.
(Which, in the case of the right person, is even right!)

The way to the Dom, please!

The film performances.
Here: Dirty Dancing.

The critical jury in the background.

American Pie.

When Harry Met Sally.
(Sorry, the video file is not available anymore.)

Confessing the horrrrible sins of the Summer University.
Something happend with the sangría.

Christoph, the holy priest, is shocked.
But where does this glowing in his eyes come from...?!
Is he really a priest...?!

Oh, for heaven's sake......
Horrible things seem to happen here.

Hmm, it can't be that bad if these three are smiling.

Behind the 'angely' facade...

Punishment: Vodka with pop (Brause).

The Kölsch Game from the outside.

Probably the most beautiful socks of the evening.

A little dance break.

More dancing action:
The two dancing queens!

The "Changed Sex Game"


The poor girl who lended the strech top to him.
Later it was XXL.

The creamiest game of the Summer University.

They seem to enjoy it. ;-)
To see the full action of the game, click on the picture to get the avi-video (2.9 MB)!

What song is that?
Grglggglglgggrrrggglglggrrrrrlrllrrrr. Hehehe!

Deep insight.

Interesting ;-)) more stuff here


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