Where everything started

Auf ein Kölsch
Welcome to Stolzenberg!

Alex and Daniel
The Barrel Boyz
and the most important thing after arriving in Stolzenberg.

Also the little ones want to try it once.

And the big ones get Grappa.

Fabio, Monica and Tomasito
A present to AEGEE Köln from Italy.
But please: not the whole cup!

Javi, Gabriela, Esther and Anneke
Javi tries out the strong spirits of Romania.
Do you want to see his face closer...?!

May the spirit be with him
Well, here we are!!!

A Sangía in her hand?
Nooooo, Esther didn't drink anything.

But with him I'm not sure.

The Language Course:

Germany compact
Getting to know Germany's culture...

And what is Hans doing in the forest...?!

260 Euro

500 DM.

Elena and Luca
Love on first sight.
As I have heard, already at the airport...

Not even the quickest, no, also the cleanest!
No one has ever cleaned this grill that well!

Daniel and Tomasito
Pop vs. Punk

Aniko and René (never seen as on the photo),
Katja and Esther - all from the Hometeam.

More pics from the Country

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