Photos Summer University 1999 - Part

Our nearly complete group on the Drachenfels, a hill near Köln, only Greece and Italy are missing.

Top of the Pops
Once to be on the top - a dream comes true. Okay, it's just Cologne's cathedral.

Silvia, Roberto and Carmen are drinking something,
in any case it looks strange!

Hee hee!
Organisers, teachers, guests and one participant.
Guess who!
And who's not wearing white?

most important
2 minutes after arrival in Stolzenberg.

First meal
Our house in Stolzenberg.

Learning German - lesson one
This is obviously one of our language courses.

Der Bundesgesundheitsminister warnt...
The minister for health is warning: smoking causes diseases...*

Don't disturb!
René feels like in heaven as you can see: "Oh, what beautiful boys around me!"

Proper food preparing.
Why do I call it like that?! Just have a look at the next photo page!

More photos on the next pages!
Including shots
of the international cooking and of the Kölsch-Game!

*P.S.: these cigarettes were not mine - I don't smoke!!!

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