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Sex and the City - A Column

Inspired by the TV series "Sex and the City" with Sarah Jessica Parker, I thought of trying out also some kind of column with more or less well structured thoughts about love, sex, relationships etc. I don't know if I'm right or wrong with those, sometimes there is no right, no wrong, but a maybe.

Things written are not necessarily "auto-biographic", sometimes they are just observations made at friends, in cafés, clubs or on the street or even from television.

If you want to comment on a column, please feel free to do so. I'm eager to recieve a feedback on it!

About the frequency of columns: I'll write whenever I feel like to write something, so there won't be any regularity. Just come back and see if there's something new.

So, now just enjoy! :-)

| 01 | Dating Emancipation |

| 02 | Friendly Talk |

| 03 | The Importance of Being Earnest? Or: Mr Nice Try. |

| 04 | Cultural Diffs |

| 05 | The Wrong People |

| 06 | Love = Overweight |

| 07 | Questionary / Multiple Choice |


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