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Segovia, about 2 train hours (approx. 90 km) in the north of Madrid, is a city of 60.000 inhabitants. The most important sights are the Aqueduct, the Cathedral and the Alcázar, a castle directly taken out of a fairy tale book. It is this castle where Walt Disney got his ideas from for the castles found in his films and comics, and not the "Schloß Neuschwanstein" in Germany - at least that's what the people say here.

The Cathedral

Esther and Tomasito in front of the Cathedral of Segovia.
We're standing on the rooftop of the Alcázar.

A long way down

Another view from the rooftop over the beautiful landscape around Segovia.


A Shakespearean soliloquy
"To be or not to be..."

Inspired by reading six works of William Shakespeare
during the winter semester 2001/02 at the university in Madrid
for a course about Shakespeare and the literature of his time.


Eating a "Cochinillo", a "Sucking Pig" or "Spanferkel",
a speciality in Segovia.
And I insist on it: IT TASTES LIKE CHICKEN!
[the photo was re-edited afterwards, as the camera flash was broken - this just to explain the strange colours and contrasts]

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