El Diario de Tomasito
Santander 2002

It's a city similar to Bilbao, meaning that it doesn't have anything special to offer. It's mainly a residential place - but directly at the sea, so it got the beach! Nightlife is also better there. And one can notice that you are not in the País Vasco, the Bask Country, anymore, but in Cantabria. Very nice place to make some holidays with sunbaths on the beach and fiesta during the nights.

Nice view of the promenade near the port. The beach can be seen at the right of the pic.

Tomasito at the beautifully blue-coloured sea.

Rune enjoys his holidays.

11th September?

A flight show at the port. Rune is looking interested.

These stairs are kind of "optically impossible"! Don't you think so?

The Cathedral of Santander. During the day absolutely ugly (sorry, but it's true),
but at night with its illumination and the reflections in the water very nice.

The final evening of our trip. Tomorrow we'll be going back to Madrid. So we are "feasting" a little bit.

And because of that we have "Rabo de Toro" to eat: tail of the bull.
But it tastes a bit like goulash.

Later we go out and see a "Tuna" playing for three - of course - BLOND ladies.
A "Tuna" is a group with mainly guitars that sings songs to women, girls, ladies etc.
The songs are about love (or things connected to that...) and often with a double meaning of the lyrics, generally very funny.
If you want to hear the song - here it is (WAV-file, ca. 1,6 MB, soon it will be more compressed)!

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