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Roma 2000

New Year's Eve in Roma - already exciting. But then the millenniums New Year's Eve 1999-2000...

Piazza del Populo

Celebrating the New Year with over a million other people on the Piazza del Populo.
On the stage played several bands and artist to give us a good start of the New Year.
P.S.: Meeting with other people on the Piazza del Populo? Impossible!

There was standing a VW van on the Piazza. I don't know why the owner parked it there.
Well, it was a good destination for people to climb on and to dance on the roof of it.
Later the roof was very, let's say, "oval". And when at 6 o'clock in the morning the owner cam to drive home,
he just looked at it, got into the car, indifferently, and drove home.

New Year's Day at 16:00 h. View over Roma in the new millennium.
In the back, I think, the Vatican Dome.

Susi und Strolch.
I don't know how the film (from Disney) is called in other countries.
It's the one where two dogs have dinner at the back exit of a fancy restaurant and they eat spaghetti.

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