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San Fermín - Page 2

Drinking habits:

Calimotxo (or 'Calimocho' in Spanish) out of "botas" (wineskins).

a) Calimotxo is a mixture of red wine and Coke
b) Botas were once used to be made of leather, now (the cheaper ones) of plastic.
You have to squeeze them to get the liquid out of it - but never touch the opening with your lips.
They, by the way, also appear in Hemmingway's book (there of course in leather).

Photo by Frank

Here you can see the typical process of drinking out of a bota: step one.
Clara, Ana-Cristina, Celia, Esther.

Photo by Frank

Step two. Yes, sometimes, the calimotxo goes other ways, Clara.

Photo by Frank

Step three.

Or you do it professionally...

Friends of Lara and Lara (on the right).
They wanted to appear once in the internet, but they didn't believed me when I said I WILL put the photo there.
Y al parecer todas poniendo los cuernos...

Photo by Frank

This is the view of our flat. We rented it from friends of the parents of Lara for 30 euros per night and person.
For San Fermín a real bargain!

The girls liked very much a poster of a Levi's ad.

We also had to eat.
To this photo I got a very nice association: pizza quattro staggioni.
Just have a look at the faces of each of the four girls...

What is Rune eating?*
Is he enjoying it?
Did he he smoke something before?
*it's bonito (a kind of tuna)

Here our entire group:
David, Lara, Frank, Ana-Cristina, Clara, Esther above Celia, Tomasito, Rune.

What is a Peña and what you can do there...

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