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New Year's Eve Köln 2003->2004

Every year ends with a question - where to spend the last day of the year and with whom? Well, it's rather with whom you spend the last hours, minutes and seconds of the past year? With whom will you swallow down the sorrows and problems of the old 365 days, or - if it was a good year - who will see you with a sad face that everything ends already now. Well, I could go on and on with philosophical questions about the ending of the year, maybe I'll write a column on it.

This year (resp. last year) I spent the last four and the first six and a half hours with Tina, Christian, Marcus, Nico and Sven. We made fondue, then we went up to the roof of my house (7th level) and welcomed the new year seeing over the roofs of Köln. Later we went to the Friesenviertel and there into the "Päff" to go on celebrating the new year.

So, I hope you have a wonderful 2004, with a lot of love of all your friends and family. Make something out of the new year. It's still fresh!

The Fondue:

Sven, Nico, Christian, Tomasito, Marcus and Tina making fondue.
If you point the mouse arrow on the pic you can see the groovy party that is going on.

The Roof:

Exactly 00:00:00 a.m.!

Exactly 00:00:03 a.m.
Marcus already went to his camera to make photos of the cathedral inside the fireworks.
But the the camera was somehow not working.

If he can't do the photo of the cathedral, somebody else has to do it.
But as he has the better camera, I had to edit the pic a bit.
Disclaimer: It is NOT a photo of the the second world war!
Again kindly point the mouse arrow on the photo!

The Fireworks:

Sven brought some little fireworks.
What we can see on the photo is the last bit of it (only 1/2542 of what he brought).
When I saw the bags I thought he wanted to make holidays in my flat - for 3 weeks minimum!
But he said: "Nooo, I just brought some fireworks..."
That calmed me down.

The night of the sparklers (Wunderkerzen).
Mouse arrow again!

A litlle bit of the Köln skyline - though you can't see too much.


(Aren't these wonderful witty comments...?!)


Texting after midnight.

Where is fire, there is fear!

A moment.

We all on the roof!

Normally you have to put something onto the lock of the skylight,
so that it won't get locked if it shuts accidentally (by wind or if somebody is too stupid).
But if somebody takes the towel we provided away (even more dumb) and it shuts then -
therefore you have a slight problem to get back into the house...
Well, at least it was not us but two other guys
and they also solved the problem in kicking in the skylight (see the right upper corner of the pic).
Probably it was the first and last New Year's Eve on the roof of my house. Sniff, sniff. :-((
At least we could get in again.

The Going Out:

Me and a bottle of "Vino Primitivo" on Friesenstraße.
The name was actually the real name of the wine! No joke!

Christian counting his Kölsch in the Päff.

Marcus after he drank a Coke.

Tomasito thinking of what the new year will bring.

Sometimes wishes come true very quickly...

But no, that's what he wished for! ;-))

Enjoy 2004 - it's your year!


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