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New York x2

Statue of Liberty
A view from Brookly Bridge to the Statue of Liberty (on the little island in the centre of the picture).

Empire State

The Empire State Building in the sunset.


The New York skyline, seen from Central Park.


The most famous fountain in Central Park.
A saying says:
If you stay one entitre day at that fountain,
whole New York will pass by.

Statue of Libery

Sunset in New York.
Point with the mouse pointer onto the picture to get to know what's in the background.


The streets of NYC that everybody knows.

Still Christmas?

Snow in New York. It was February.

Going out in New York:

The Bitter End

"The Bitter End" - a bar with live music (type: American songwriting).
Next to me: Martin and Frank, two friends of mine I visited. They were doing an internship in New York, resp. in Whiteplanes.
The Gin Tonic was cheaper than a glass of beer.

Goin' out

Getting ready for the night.

A short trip to Seattle:

Burger King

Eating a real American Hamburger.

Burger King - My way

A Hamburger cannot be eaten without a mess. That's a kind of rule!

Hippie hippie shake (song title)

In a shop for second hand (Hippie) stuff.


An evening in front of the fireplace.

My hotel in New York:

Driving in my car

This was indeed my hotelroom and the bed I was sleeping in.
Every room was designed in a different style.
This room obviously had the topic "Toys".
If interested: For the name and address of the hotel send me an e-mail!
Point with the mouse on the picture to see the progress I do while driving.


Destroying 4000 years of emancipation.

Important note:
The owner of this website would like to point out that this photo is posed
and doesn't reflect the opinion of the photographer and/or of the model.

Sadly not existing anymore - the World Trade Center:

Point and click!

View from my plane from Newark airport upon New York.
To see what's in the background point the mouse arrow onto the photo!
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A kind of King of the World.
Of course was the intention of the photo to do an imitation of Titanic.
Nobody knew that it will happen like in the film.

But back to happier times:

Apple, but big

New York at my feet.

Word's top

The top of the world.

I'll be there for you

The MOST important thing of New York!

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