Tomasito's Diary
Milano 2003

Due to the new "no frills" airlines travelling within Europe got much easier. For just 19 € per flight you can fly nearly everywhere. So I took one of the offers of Germanwings and booked three tickets for Jan, Marcus and me and we flew to Milano. Why Milano some may ask. Well, Jan already was in Venezia, I was already in Roma, and we forgot that Germanwings is also flying to Bologna, so we decided us for Milano.

Italy's most European city, city of fashion, a city with not much to see except the cathedral - these are just some of the descriptions of Milano we read before. Decide yourself:

Well, Milan a city with nothing more to see than a cathedral...
Well, we would have been happy, if...

Aaaah, at least a glimpse from the backside.

Jan and Marcus in front of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.
In the passage you can find the most expensive fashion designers
and the probably most expensive coffee in Milano.

Due to I don't know what, we ended up in a café inside the Galeria
and had two latte macchiato and a small beer.
20 (in words - TWENTY) euros!
The two latte 6 € each, the beer 8 €.
At the least the waiter took this photo with the original proof - the bill.
Ah, and he did it for free...

Marcus and Jan, 3 hours later.
They still were a bit dazzled and distracted.

And I was flashed - hahaha.

So, to make the coffee worth it - we at least took many photos of the Galeria.

The back of the coffee house.

And here a nice panoramic still of the gallery - on the right there would be the cathedral.
And it is NOT a photo montage.

At the "naviglii", the little channels through the city.
Well, this photo actually doesn't show a normal channel, they are bigger.
This one is at a side street at a channel and probably just "decoration" of a restaurant or so.

And here I waited some time to make that photo in daylight.

Saturday night - the young crowd goes to church...

Wine makes Jan thoughtful.
Life, the universe, how far is the moon, how do I get euros from the vatican...

Wooooow, the best pizza I ever ate!
Thin dough, crossy; toppings: ruccola, cocktail tomatoes sliced to a half and smoked ham. Again: WOW!
And the place was even better: They had Spanish music on the "sound system" -
so I didn't know what to do: eating or singing.
So I did both at the same time.

The most impressing 'balcony' since "Romeo And Juliet".
Pace means peace - F*ga means, ehm, well, you better write me an e-mail.

More photos soon, I already have them scanned, I just need to resize them and put them here!


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