El Diario de Tomasito
Madrid Capital - Page 2

Again the Royal Palace.
Photo by Frank.

The "House of the Authors".
In front of it Nina & Nina, two friends of mine from Yugoslavia.

The other Cathedral of Madrid - the Cathedral of the Armed Forces.
Again a photo with Nina, Nina and Tomasito.

The Museo Municipal - the City Council Museum.
There's a saying:
"The one who hasn't see this portal has not seen Madrid!"

A typical image of Madrid.
More or less every night the streets are getting cleaned.

A doorguard of a disco club (Bimbambú) - READING!

Evening atmosphere in the Parque del Oeste (West Park).
Photo by Frank.

Me lying in the Parque del Oeste, observing police men checking a strange looking guy.

The photo was taken in the sales period.
But actually it could have been also a normal day, the mountains of clothes are usually always there.
Poor shop attendants who have to fold everthing neat and tidy again for the next day.

La Calle Montera - the street of the prostitutes right in the center of Madrid.
At the door entrance you can see several prostitutes, the shop on the right is a wedding dress store...

They are very rigid in Madrid.

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