Tomasito's Diary
Konstanz & Zürich 2005

The Trio Infernale on the road - on the search for their number four!

On the way to Konstanz - stopover in Stuttgart: David, Christian, Tomasito.

Christian in the train, checking text messages.


We found number 4 - Mo! And even number 5 - Julia!
Having a wonderfully prepared dinner on the balcony.

Christian and David - eager to discover Konstanz' night life.

Mo's growing breasts?

Night illuminations at the Bodensee.

What you can't see here: Behind me is the Bodensee!

After breakfast on the balcony in the sun. A beautiful morning!

At the bank of the Bodensee. We're the real surfers!

The "Seenachtsfest", Konstanz biggest party event with fireworks in the evening.
Here of course in the afternoon.

Our snowboarder Mo trying to use a ramp
with his snowboard to dive into the Bodensee.

After the first jump he seems to be happy.
Well, later his neoprene diving suit gets a bit kaputt.

At the pier of Konstanz' Yacht Club.
The weather was absolutely fantastic as you can see!

The Bodensee. By the way, the little swimmer's head is Christian's!
He seems to want to get to Switzerland!

My personal yacht of course.

Julia and Mo.

David and Julia.

Tomasito, Christian, David and Julia.

Of course David likes meat! He's only a vegan.

Sunset at the yacht port.

Hmm, with scooters one can't swim.

Christian and the effect of the 5th beer can
(imported from Switzerland, by the way).

The fantastic 4! ;-)

Our party at the pier.

Tomasito, enjoying the evening.

Another shot of our party place.
The beer was actually stored in the little boat on the right side of the pic behind the tent.
Even wonderfully cooled underneath ice cubes!

Having fun! Tomasito and David.
(Veeery original comment to that pic!)

Want this as your desktop background?


The huge and gorgeous fireworks.

Last day in Konstanz. Enjoying the lake and the nature.

Anyone who'd like to fund a shared flat there? Right at the bank?

They even got rainbows! And it was a FULL one (i.e. 180°)!

I found out where the rainbow begins.

Konstanz' station. 4 Minutes to Switzerland (or even less!).

Rainwater and sunlight.


The street with the probably most bays (Erker/saledizos) in the world.

It rained the whole day.
You can see it on my jacket whose left side/shoulder is totally soaked -
we only had one shared umbrella.

Guess the song!

Very funny, no? ;-)

Swiss trams.

Julia und Mo! Dankeschön für ein super-geiles Wochenende bei Euch!
(auch für's Zurücksenden von einem Hemd und einem Pyjama...)


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