El Diario de Tomasito
Granada 2002

Granada. Most people say: it's a MUST! So after nine months staying here I followed an invitation of a friend of mine - Sonia - who I met in Köln some years ago (she was there as Erasmus). She invited me to the "Fiesta de las Cruces". I thought it would be a very religious celebration like "Semana Santa" (the Holy Week) in Sevilla with a lot of processions. But better you have a look yourself.

Granada is located in the south-east of Spain in Andalucía. One might expect now hot sun and yellow beaches, but no, it's in a kind of valley between mountains. You can even see the snow on top of them. But the weather nonetheless gets pretty hot there (though I was glad I took my winter jacket with me as during the nights it was pretty cold!).


La Alhambra - a castle palace from the Moors (los moros) out of the 14th century.

Unfortunately - due to the fiesta - I couldn't get into the Alhambra
as all the ticket were sold out way before the weekend I was there (booking in advance recommended!).

El Albaicín. A hill on which the Moors withdrew after the christian capture (1492).
- And yes, even on my website you can get some historical facts! -

Now a view from the Albaicín up onto the Alhambra (in the back).
In front: Mercedes and Sonia.

The Cathedral of Granada.

La Fiesta de las Cruces:

The Friday Ana, Mercedes, Sonia and I are having a paella at the Cruz at the Plaza M. Pineda.

Normally a "Cruz" means that you have a square on which you can find four/five things:
1. A cruz, so a cross which is specially decorated.
2. A bar where you can drink and eat something.
3. Music - mainly Flamenco and Sevillanas.
4. A place where you can dance.
(5. Sometimes even a place where you can sit)

And actually the Fiesta de las Cruces doesn't have any relation to religious contents. It's more or less "just" a party - but a very good party!

Another Cruz - with obviously no possibilities to sit.
Up on the right on the photo you can see a church, but
1. you can't see it properly because of the sometimes strange flash of the camera
2. it doesn't matter as i don't even know what church it is. ;-))

Tomasito and the happiest flamenco dancing girl of the world...
...probably because of me.

But apparently the all don't look too happy.

Somebody knows her name or phone number? I'd marry her instantly!
Hmmm, well, alright, maybe she's a bit too young for me.

An image made in a bar de copas near of the Plaza de Toros in Granada.
It's a Gin Tonic in blacklight.

An interesting house with an interesting balcony - the "one-person-only-balcony".
Point the mouse arrow on the pic to see it a bit brighter.

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