El Diario de Tomasito
Fiesta de Nayra - 29.06.2002

Nayra, my German-Spanish language intercambio, with whom I met only about five times within a whole year, finished her university career (for now) and gave a party in her flat.

Canapées and drinks on a of the roof terace.

Though the background is too dark on the photo, the view over Madrid was very exciting!
From left to right: a girl whose name I forgot, Nayra, Manuel, Tomasito, Clara and Frank.

The living room - with provocative art at the walls created by Nayra's brother (as far as I remember). Very impressing.

Tomasito, Manuel, Clara, Frank.

Frank, Tomasito, Clara.

Another view of the living room.
The people were about to leave to a bar, so that's the reason why they don't look too excited.

A very artistic ashtray. In reality it looked better.

Nayra, two of her friends and Tomasito.

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