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Los 80 Principales - 09.03.2002

A fiesta, because my new flatmates Lars and Francois moved in.
The fiesta of the "80 Principales", the "Top 80". The name comes from the radio station "Los 40 Principales" and was created by me after the party, because we actually expected only about 40 people. In the end more than 80 showed up.


Sala de Fiesta. Only the beginning, presumably at 0:00 h.

Ex, current and nearly

Diego, Tomasito and Sandra.
Ex, current and nearly flatmates.


Pitu and the crazy bunch!


Doctor: "Say 'Ahhhhhhhhhhh'. Well, we have to take one of the teeth out. Caries!"


Tomasito and Abraham.


Flamenco professional vs. Flamenco Tomasito.

More photos on the next page taken by Rune with his DigitalCam

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