El Diario de Tomasito
Valencia - Las Fallas 2002
Fiestas, Sights and other Pics

Las Fiestas

Fiesta on a square with DJ's and lots of people.

In the middle of the quartett: Aitana and Tomasito.
I know Aitana from her Erasmus studies 2000/01 in Köln.

Still the fiesta on the square.

Valencia during the Fallas in the middle of the night.
From bar to bar, from disco to disco. ¿Adonde vamos?

I bought a gin tonic for 4 €, a 250 ml glass.
Kamala bought a vodka lemon for 5 €, but ONE LITER of it!

Having fun with other Erasmus visitors from Madrid:
Tomasito, Kamala (my host in Valencia) with Anne-Charlotte (France) and Rune (Denmark).
Their bus left Madrid the Saturday morning at 9 a.m. and they went back on Sunday morning at 8 a.m.
Sleep? Yep, of course.....! ;-))


An illuminated street near the train station.
Message to Aguila Amstel:
Please transfer immediatley the amount of 200 € to my account at the Banco Santander, account no. 651 012 546
Otherwise the image will be removed.

Valencia and its cathedral seen from the Torres de Serrano.
The Torres de Serrano formerly were a women's prison.
I just wanted to mention that.

Another try with other camera options (my camera was new when I was in Valencia).

Hahaha, very funny! No?

A delicious paella of the family of Sandra, flatmate of my host Kamala.

Well, to some photos comments are just not possible.
What about "lantern in Spanish is farola"?
So at least you could learn something here.

A house between the center of Valencia and the area of the Politécnica University.
I found its architecture interesting.

Sing with the Valencians - here the Anthem of Valencia

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