El Diario de Tomasito
Erasmus 2005 Köln

Party in Rodenkirchen:

Lucía and Tomasito

Trip to Aachen and Maastricht:

At a fountain in Aachen - imitation of the figures.

Party in the Rakete:

Irene and Fran.

Hmmm, can't think of any comment.
If somebody knows something to write, please email me!

BBQ at thb Rakete :

María, Fran and Marcos at the bottom of the Rakete, minutes before a BBQ.

Irene, a professional in football.

Here, Ana, Gaspar and Marcos are WATCHING football.

Here, Ana and Gaspar are getting a bit distracted from watching football.

A night out in the Friesen quarter:

Hmm, again nothing what I could say about ths photo. I hate group photos. ;-)

BBQ at the Aachener Weiher:

Sara mounting the grill.
Though she studies translation I think she should be an engineer.

Álvaro relaxed on the blanket (10%) / grass (90 %).


Natalia, Tony and Elisa.

Ana and Gaspar. *SMILE*

Master of the BBQ.

Fresh naked meat on the plates...

Nicolas - the Paul Bocuse of the BBQ.

Did Fran buy a Döner Kebab?

Thinking of BBQ tactics.

The difficulty of making 2 photos at the same time from different angles.

The French connection: Diane & Coralie.

Group Hug: Elisa, Tony, Natalia and Sara.

A typical weekend:

In Fran's flat.

The magic voices of helium balloons.

A night at the museum:

The "Junge Kunst-Nacht" at the Museum Ludwig.

After the museum, underneath the Dom.

Natalia's birthday:

Karine - finally also on a picture!

Fran, Marcos, Sonia.


Karine again in the Cologne underground.

"Kölner Lichter" - the fireworks at the River Rhine:

Coralie and Diane, eagerly expecting the fireworks.

From the ground:

Group photo. Thank you all for a lovely year. Felt again like an Erasmus, too! ;-)


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