Tomasito's Diary
Happy Birthday 2003

Every year you grow a little bit older, some a lot, some just a little bit.
Funny that the more "older older older" you get (so 70 or 80 years) you get more childish, ehm, childlike again - you wear nappies (Windeln, pañales) you lose teeth like the milk teeth you lost centuries ago, and you need to be feeded (and the same untasty pulp like you were three). Happy birthday to me.

First the most important thing of a party: the stocks.
Here all the bottled drinks are stored in a surrounding of finely crushed ice.

Second: the second most important room of a party - the kitchen.
Storage room of the non-bottled drinks like sangría and source of the best conversations on a party.

Happy people in a happy kitchen.
Ralf, Tanja, Matthes, Nina, Ronald.

Sometimes the kitchen has to be closed due to "oversubscription".

The third most important factor on a party: the music station.
Ready to play 19 hours, 34 minutes and 18 seconds of music - theoretically.

Fourth most important thing on a party - the Party Vamps.

Fifth factor: Fascinating dancing action.

Number six: funny little games initialised by guests.

This game ("Topfschlagen" - "Hit the Pot") is usually played on kids' birthdays.
I once said to Judith and Nora:
"Wouldn't it be a great idea to repeat now in our age once a kids' birthday with all these stupid little games...?!"
So they made a wish come true! Thank you again! It was really lovely! :-)))

But what are all these five important things good for, if the most, most, most important thing is lacking:
The little snacks on the tables!!! ;-)))
No, of course I mean: the people, the guests!

And there are various kinds existing:

The "Rumpelstilzchen" type.
Anna and Jan.

The people sitting in the hall.
Judith and Nora in the front, sitting;
Nina and Ronald, already leaving.

The Spanish girls, getting a guy's telephone number and e-mail address.
Marina and Marta.
(Okay, maybe the hands doesn't belong to a guy, could be Julia - so what's going on there...?!)

The people who didn't come well prepared to the "colourful socks" motto party.
Marta's toes I suppose.

The people looking strangely to somewhere indefinable in the air.

So, after having studied the ingredients of a party, here's the rest of the pix:

Raquel with this transfigured look (verklärtem Blick) after her boyfriend has been kissing her.
(I came 1,5 seconds too late...) ;-)
Now (a month later) I have to fix the text to
"after her EX-boyfriend has been kissing her."

The phenomenon: dance with me or I twist your arm.
Judith with somebody's (Nora's?) arm, Marcus, Jan.

Jan, co-celebrator.

Anna and Tomasito, passionately dancing - at least Anna.

Christian, Anna, Nico and 2/9 of Marina.

Here's the last 7/9! ;-))

View into the party room - on the right you see the ice cubes.

A flower and Tomasito.
Thanks for the cool party to all of you!

Thanks to Jan for some of the photos!

And for the ones who want to make the "good, but strong" sangría,
click here for the recipe.


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