El Diario de Tomasito
Cuenca 2002

On the way from Madrid to Valencia the city of Cuenca is a worthy stop.
With a rented car Jan, Marcus and I did stop there - though the weather was quite not worthy to do sightseeing.

At the edge.

Casas Colgadas

View over Cuenca.
On the left a hotel or similar, on the right the "Casas colgadas" - the hanging houses.


Jan, Tomasito and Marcus - and some statue.

Yellow and orange

In Cuenca there are not only hanging houses - no - but also beautifully coloured houses.

Red and yellow and red Man in the mirror

More coloured houses.
But actually this photo is supposed to be an artistic one:
one should draw the attention to the mirror. What can be seen there?
No clue? Then just click on the mirror.

Our trip continues - to Valencia

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