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What do we think, if we think of Spain? Bullfights, Latin lovers and of course food. So, as I'm not a bull-fighter (never tried), nor a Latin lover (ever tried, but never worked out) I thought to put some self-experienced (and re-developed by me) recipes of Spanish food here. Que aproveche!

Tortilla de patatas (or as well called "tortilla española"):


3 potatoes (middle-sized/big)
6 eggs
1/2 onion (quite big)
1-2 garlic toes (if you like it)
a lot of olive oil (nearly a mug)

The A-B-C:


Peel and cut the potatoes into thin slices.


Put a lot of olive oil into a middle-sized frying pan and heat it up a bit. 


Put the sliced potatos into the hot olive oil and let them fry until they're well done (don't let them get too brown, golden is alright). It needs about 20-25 minutes. The potatoes need to swim in the oil nearly! Use a low flame!

While frying the potatoes:


Cut the onions and the garlic into little pieces.


Crack the eggs and put them into a bowl.


Add to the eggs salt and pepper and stir it until everything is well "messy".


Take another frying pan and fry there the onions and the garlic. When done, add them to the egg liquid.

Then continuing:


When the potatoes are done, take a cup or bowl (heat-resistent!) and put the hot olive out of the pan into the cup (you need it later still).


Squirl the egg-liquid again and add the potatoes to it into the bowl.


Clean the pan a bit, put about a third of the olive oil out of the cup into the pan and heat it up again a bit.


Put the content of the bowl into the pan and spread it over the entire pan equally.


Let it fry on a low flame for about 10-15 minutes. From time to time try to losen the tortilla from the ground of the pan carefully. If it smells burnt, follow instantly instructions of point number 13! If not, you're alright. Wait until the egg liquid is more or less solid now (there may and SHALL remain some liquid on the top).


Take a plate of the same size as the pan. Put it upside down onto the pan that it covers the pan entirely. Go with the pan (and plate of course) to the kitchen sink and turn it upside down very quickly and carefully so that the tortilla is now on the plate. Watch out as maybe the hot oil will run over your hands.


Put the plate aside and clean the pan a bit.


Put the second 1/3 of the oil in the cup (so the same amount as before!) into the pan and heat it up as before.


Take the tortilla on the plate and let it slide slowly and carefully into the pan.


Let it fry another approximately 5-10 minutes until it's done (golden-brown colour).


Then take it out of the pan - however you like: either by turning it again upside down onto a plate or by letting it slide onto a plate.


Take the rest of the olive of the cup, put into the pan and fry some pommes frites (fries, patatas fritas) and eat them.


Throw the burnt tortilla into the dust bin or give it to the neighbour's children.


No, seriously, enjoy your maybe first tortilla de patatas!

Sangría á la Tomasito

Ingredients (for 8 liters of sangría, equivalent for a party of 25 persons*)
* (meaning that not everybody drinks sangría!)

5 l cheapest red-wine (tetra brick!)
2 l orange juice (bottles or tetra brick)
1/2 l vodka
1/2 l rum

2-3 fresh apples (sweet)
2-3 fresh oranges
1/2 fresh honey melon
3-4 slices of pineapple (out of a can)

1/2 packet of sugar (= 500 g)

The A-B-C:


Peel the oranges and the honey melon. Slice them, the apples and the pinapple slices into little pieces.


Put everything into a big bowl (for at least about 7-10 liters).


Add the vodka and rum.


Put it for 6 hours (best, less is also okay) into the fridge.


After its time in the fridge take it out and add the red-wine and the orange juice and nearly everything of the sugar.


Stir it well until the sugar has melted. Try if it is sweet enough (it must be quite until very sweet), add maybe more sugar or more wine - regarding your taste.


Add some cinnamon (but not that much that it tastes like Christmas!).

Of course you can also add/use other alcoholic drinks and/or fruits. Recommendable - to give it a slight different and exotic taste - are for instance liqueurs like Cointreau, Triple Sec or any fruit liqueur. To intensify the fruit taste in a different way you can also use for example strawberry marmelade/jam or similar

Next to come:
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