The former President of AEGEE Koeln on Tour ;-)

Town hall reception
Joining the Summer University of
AEGEE Castellón

12.10.99: Currently there are many photos more or less just with me on it. Yes, I'm a narcissist! No, not really, but I only could put my pictures on this page. So, dear participants, please send me your photos! I'll scan them, put them here on the page and add funny comments. ;-) Thanks a lot! 'ta luego! And now enjoy the snapshots!
27.11.99: Finally I was sent at least some pictures. A huge thankyou to Emma, Gloria and Inma.

Cool head
Inma, the HEAD of the Summer University.
- cell protection -

Tall - taller
"I wish I was a bit taller, I wish I was a baller,
I wish I had a dillon (mobile) and a girl, I would call her."
(Taken out of a song)

Flowers,, straws in the hair
What is one drinking in Peñíscola? Just Cola? Hohoho!
(Didn't get it? Ts ts ts!)

Now serious again: an idyllic, romantic picture taken in Peñíscola -
if there wouldn't be that guy on the right!

At the bus stop in front of our Youth Hostel
Well, if you are in the situation in Spain that you are waiting for the bus,
it's time for feeling blue sometimes...
Pepe, Tomasito, Olaf, Christoph and Tobias.

Palma, Palma de Mallorca, dumdididumdidum...
A typical German in Spain:
a bucket of sangria, lots of straws only for him, party music and a "chica" right beside him.
Harald and Esther.

The problem of making a group photo:

First try...
Well, Julian - tired of last night? ;-)

Try number two...
The Group

Third try...
Michele, also tired of the night before...?! ;-)

Modern Spain
Grandmas and grandpas are well treated in Spain:
they get these walking aid trolleys even with dustbin!

Muddle on the beach.
Not a very expressive picture, but anyway.
And how do you pronounce THE word? It starts with a "b".

Rafa and Emma on the XXX.

Esther, Giuseppe y Cristina en la playa. ;-)

Taaaramtamtam taaaramtamtam...
T H I S is real passion!
(Cristina & Tomasito)
(from right to left)

The most important thing of the SU -
the coffee machine on the right.


I can't see it properly, but is Andrea doing "Pulp Fiction"?

The Italian way: carrying women on their hands.

"The Spiderman is coming and is having you for dinner..."
(The Cure)

Lululululu, cuckooooo!!!
(a game which you play with children:
hiding your face saying "Lulululu", then opening your hands and showing you smiling face saying "cuckoo",
your kids will LOVE it!)
By the way: what is actually written on the wall?

I like the lantern in the back.

More piccies - hopefully - to come here!
But you'll also find pictures on Pepa's hompage!

Edited: 27.11.1999 by Tomasito