El Diario de Tomasito
El Carnaval de Cádiz 2002


Creating the costume of the "ElCorteFourCowboyMan".

Fino fino

Before it comes to the the carnival - a little stop in a sherry bodega in Jerez.

Buena Vista

The city, the sea and the beach of Cádiz.

Tomasito - while buying things for the carnival "botellón".

Todo limpio

Finally in Cádiz, test of our costumes in a pescadería.

A complete household is here to be seen.

Casi en la playa

Finally on the street, the costumes are checked if they are alcohol proof.

The end of the carnival: The burning of the witch, guilty for all the sins comitted during the carnival season.


And here for the people who got rather intellectual and sophisticated characteristics:
A postcard of Cádiz.

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