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Budapest - March 2005

Well, only nine months later (noooo, nobody's pregnant) I indeed managed to put the Budapest pix here.
It was a fine trip with my friend Marcus. We stayed in a 4**** star hotel (according to Marcus's experience it was rather only a 3*** star hotel, but anyway, the had Lipton tea for breakfast!), it was freezing cold and the prizes of anything were low like in the 50ies here in Germany (well, maybe 70ies). I brought home a lot of coffee (good Italian one) for few money.

Some people say Budapest is the Paris of the East. Other people say it's even more beautiful than Prague. See if it's really like that!

The Hungarian Parliament, seen from the other side of the river Danube.

Same view, but a bit further to the right.
The building (as far as I remember) is the Gellert Hotel (it wasn't ours).

The famous Mátyás (Matthias) church, symbol of the city.

Marcus at the bottom of the church. On the right there's the river Danube (no to be seen).

A picture like in a fairy tale.
Well, maybe I'll let my hair down to let the prince..., hey, wrong fairy tale!
Does anybody know a fairy tale where the prince waits in a tower?!

Thoughtful he's looking to..., hmm, don't know where.
Not onto the river, not to the Parliament, girls are neither in sight.
Well, so he just stares stupidly into nothing.

Yeah, that's better! Cuckoo! ;-)

Marcus telling on the phone how beautiful Budapest is.

Bridge over the Danube.

Same bridge, a bit further down.
(Well, if you guessed the pictures are not in chronological order, you are right.)

Basilica St. Stephan
(probably, don't remember, but it looks like a basilica, doesn't it?).

Marcus just got a coffee of his scrounged money. ;-)) Hehehe!

Okay, let's get nightish:

Marcus in front of the huge palace.

Me, a bit further right.

Trying to cover the freezing cold with a very strained smile.

Again the basilica - and Marcus in the cold.

A nice portal.

Evening atmosphere in Budapest.

Metro escalators - loooong and ooold (the steps are made of wood, by the way).

The metro lighting.

Inside the Parliament -
looks rather like a monarchic palace than the house of a parliament in a democracy.

Marcus and the crown.
There was also a story about the lopsided cross but I can't remember that (I'm getting old).

Typical street of houses in Budapest.

Here I'd like to take up the discussion if Budapest is the Eastern Paris or even more beautiful than Prague.
Well, it is beautiful - but at the same time it also has it's ugly parts - and there are not only few ones. There are still many socialistic remains and some things of that time are just not beautiful. So actually I'd say: Paris of the East - I'm afraid, I wouldn't say so. More beautiful than Prague? Well, I haven't been there but as many people told me it must be veeery beautiful, so neither I think Budapest can cope with it. :-(( Sorry! But nevertheless I say it's definitely worth a visit. As long as the coffee stays cheap! Hahaha! Just a joke! ;-P

Art deco roof.


Photo art - two pix in one.
Marcus and I sitting in a beautiful kind of art café.
I think we stayed there more than three hours,
had several cups of coffee, Cokes, also something to eat, maybe even some cake
and paid less than 8 euros or so.

Bye bye from Budapest!


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